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INspired by moments in history to capture moments of future history.

So as I got older, I became one of those people who always carried a camera around. (No, not just the one on my cell phone, kids - my first cell phone didn't even have a camera). I realized early on how valuable I found documenting my life and my experiences to be. When I received my first DSLR as a gift in 2008 I was sold for good. I started teaching myself and just totally fell in love with it!

I started shooting professionally in 2014 and have continued growing and learning since then. Styles, trends and technology are constantly changing. In addition to the training I prioritize for myself on a regular basis, in 2021 I also completed a semester-long photography program taught by internationally-acclaimed, award-winning wedding photographers Erika & Lanny Mann.

My grandfather was in the Army during World War II, and during that time he took hundreds of amazing photos - photos of the places he traveled, other soldiers he fought alongside, and people he met all over the world. I became so inspired by his photos - all these moments in time that happened decades before I was even born and were part of not only my grandpa's history, but our country's. After he passed away, my grandma left his WWII photo collection to me, and I cherish those heirlooms greatly.

That inspiration is what led me to want to become a photographer. I want to capture images in my own life and leave them to my children and grandchildren someday; to let them feel the inspiration that I felt and show them how the magic of photography can take us back to another time - maybe they won't be as historically relevant like photos from WWII, but even just as family heirlooms, I know they will be meaningful and treasured. And I want to do that for other people too!

army soldiers in world war two reading newspapers

This is my favorite photo from my grandfather's collection (he's actually in this one - the man looking at the camera, so I don't know who took this photo). It's such an amazing image and one of my most cherished possessions. (I digitally restored this image many years ago and have a large print of it blown up in my office.)

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Danielle Pipitone Owner Operator of Fire in the Skies Photography

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