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First and foremost, congratulations! If you're on this page, I hope it's safe to assume you or someone you love is about to get married, and that is a reason to celebrate! Your wedding day is going to be one of the most important days of your life - not only are you making a lifelong investment in your partner, you'll also be making a significant investment in the celebration of your love and commitment. You take this investment seriously, and as your photographer - I do too.

While everyone loves a great party (and the person who threw the great party), at the end of the day, your wedding should be focused on you. It's important to prioritize what is most valuable to you and your partner for your wedding - the kickoff of your marriage.  If a stocked bar or the most iconic dress truly are the most important pieces of your wedding to you, by all means GO FOR IT! But I would urge you to consider just how important your wedding photography is on your value scale, and recommend placing it pretty high on your list. But why?

Did you know the average couple spends more money on an their bachelor/ette parties or an open bar for their wedding guests than they do on their wedding photography?

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After the cake has been eaten, the guests have gone home, the flowers have faded, and the dress is packed away, all that will remain from that magical day you spent so much time, money, and energy meticulously planning each and every detail, are the memories and the photographs.

​The investment in your wedding photography is arguably the most important investment you'll make for your entire wedding - I say that not just as a photographer, but also as someone who is married. The cliche is true for a reason - your wedding day will go by so fast, you'll likely miss or forget about a lot of the little moments that happened. Your photos will allow you to step back into those moments anytime you'd like.

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But they're not just photos...they're family heirlooms.

Your wedding photos are the portal that allows you to relive that special day over and over. They're the reminders of how your love story and your life together began. They're one of the only pieces of your wedding day that can last as long as your marriage - precious memories you can take with you forever.  They'll be passed down to the generations that come after you, and they'll be able to read the story of your day through these photos. These photos are quite literally part of your legacy. With that in mind, the selection of your wedding photographer should be a thoughtful decision. You should choose a photographer whose style and personality are going to mesh with yours on your wedding day. You want someone who is going to be on your team and in your corner on that special day, and many days leading up to it to make sure that your wedding photography experience is a joyful, memorable, and worthwhile one.

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This magic Moment

Documenting the Big & Small

Your wedding photographs shouldn't just show you what your day looked like, they should remind you of how you felt in each of those moments.

When you think about a wedding - and wedding photography - you often think about the big moments first. The first kiss. The bouquet toss. The first dance. Cutting the cake. And while those moments are priceless and memorable and beautiful, there are so many other unexpected, emotional, and intimate moments during the course of a wedding.

As a wedding photographer, I get a unique point of view where I get to witness all the little moments in between the big moments. The little moments leading up to the big moments. The little moments right after a big moment. The little moments that may not even seem like moments at the time. But sometimes, those can be the most special, authentic, and cherished moments of the whole day. And I have the distinct privilege of capturing those on camera.

By taking more of a documentary approach, I will capture your wedding entire day just as it unfolds naturally from start to finish to ensure that not only do I witness those iconic, big, memorable moments of your wedding day - like your dad walking you down the aisle or your best friend giving their heartfelt speech - but all the little moments that happen all around those big moments - like the flower girl falling asleep during the ceremony, or grandma taking a spin on the dancefloor. This photography style gives you a more holistic look-back on your wedding day, allowing you to relive all those priceless moments, as well as peek back at the moments you may have missed or didn't even remember.

By acting more like a very clingy observer of your wedding (with a camera!) rather than a director, I am able to document the authenticity of your day, and the true, natural emotions of you, your partner, and all your friends and family in attendance. When you look back on your wedding photos, you'll be transported right back to those incredible moments and get to experience those emotions all over again. That incredible day. As often as you'd like.

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Initial Consultation

After I receive your inquiry, I will touch base with you to set up an initial call with you and/or your partner. The purpose of this call is to determine if we are a good fit to work together. You can ask me questions about my philosophy, process, and any other concerns you have. We can also discuss the wedding packages I have available to you if you're ready for that step. I will ask you about all your wedding plans, learn about your photography expectations, and determine if I think you're a good client fit for me as well! The photography experience will only succeed if we're on the same page.

If you're interested in learning more about my wedding services, please fill out my wedding inquiry form at the bottom of this page. This will get the process rolling and will give me more information about what you're looking for. I will then reach back out to set up an initial consultation, and we'll be talking soon! Start thinking about all the questions you'd like to ask a wedding photographer, and bring those with you to our initial phone or video consultation.

If after our initial consultation we've determined we'd make a good partnership and I'm available on your preferred date, and you're ready to move forward with booking my services for your wedding day, you can pay the nonrefundable retainer to reserve your wedding date. From there, you should choose which photography package you're interested in and select any a-la-carte items you'd like, and I will prepare your official contract detailing out the services you booked. During this time, you should also think about if you want engagement photos taken as well! Several of my packages include an engagement session.

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Benefits of Choosing FITS for Your Wedding Photography



Documentary-style Photography

A Supportive Friend

Capturing your day in the most authentic way. No more stiff posing, interrupting the natural flow of events, or awkward situations. Just you and your loved ones enjoying your wedding day - me following you around like a shadow documenting all of it. (With the exception of posed family & couple portraits, of course.)

When you hire me for your wedding photography, I am with you every step of the way. Any questions you have or support you need, I am here to help you. I want us to develop a trust, comfortability, and friendship during your wedding planning process so that when the big day comes, you are relaxed knowing your photography is being handled by someone you like and trust.

Photographer for life

True-to-Life classic Photography



Like many other trends in our daily lives, photography trends come-and-go, including editing styles and color treatments. I prefer to shoot and edit my images in a classic, warm, and true-to-color style, that makes your images quite timeless. Not to say I won't experiment on occasion when the right image calls for it, but you can expect rich colors, contrast, warmth, and dynamic range from my photographs.

My wish for all my wedding couples (all my clients, really) is that your experience working with me was fun, memorable, and delivered on your expectations, so that at any other point in your life you need a photographer again, I hope to be first to come to your mind. Whether you welcome kiddos into your married life, or it's your kids who are getting married, I want to be the photographer resource you and your family trust and will turn to for a lifetime of special moments.


quick turn-around



One of the things I'm most proud of in my process is my prioritization to get back to you quickly. Whether it's a question via email, or your entire image gallery, I know how important it is to my clients for quick response and fast delivery. While I still take precise care during the editing portion of your photography experience, I work very hard to share sneak peeks quickly so you can feel that instant gratification, and do my best to answer all communications in a timely manner. I want to be as accessible to my clients as they need me to be.

Photography is not my full-time job. I don't have to do this. I want to. I love photography. I've grown and learned so much over the years and that fire still burns inside me. I transfer that passion into my work and onto my clients. You will reap the benefits of my drive, and you will also fuel that passion for me even more.

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